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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Inquiries

Q: When should my puppy get their first groom?

A: It’s important to have your puppy groomed as soon as possible so they can get used to and learn to love the grooming experience.  We recommend they come in two week after they have had all their vaccinations. We will not clip your puppy on their first visit to the salon as the evolution from a puppy to an adult coat is dependant on breed, so a grooming regime will be suggested to suit your puppy.  During their first visit your puppy will be introduced to the sights, sounds and smells of the grooming salon ensuring that future visits are stress free.

Q: How long does it usually take to groom my dog?

A: On average, we allow for up to two hours to complete a full groom, but it does depend on your dogs coat type, condition and size.  Plus, some of our specialist treatments add additional time to the groom (for example, the Animal Ayurveda Spa, Emmi-Pet etc.) and will therefore take slightly longer. 

However, We will always give our customers an estimated collection time and contact them when they are ready for collection. We do ask not to turn up before you have been contacted as this will distract your pet if their treatment isn't completed.

Q: Are your dog groomers qualified?

A: Yes! Our team is City & Guilds Lvl2 to Lvl3 Diploma Certified and even Canine First Aid trained for added reassurance your dog is in capable hands. Our team also take additional courses and training to update their skills & knowledge about styling, handling and even basic training.

Q: I've been trying to call and make an appointment, but nobody is answering?

A: Sorry! We sometimes cannot hear the phone due to the noise of the dryers, or we have our hands full grooming a dog, So please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you. Alternatively, you can WhatsApp the salon number, or DM us on Facebook & Instagram! Unfortunately, due to emails getting lost in the digital abyss, we are no longer responding to queries via email. 

Q: My dog is really knotty/matted & I want a teddy bear cut, can you do it?

A: With very knotty or matted dogs, the only course of action we can take is to clip them short and start a fresh. Knots and matts pull on their skin restricting movement and in severe cases, can even retain moisture, causing bacterial or fungal infections as well as restricting blood flow to their limbs. We operate a 'humanity before vanity' policy as your dogs health is of most importance. If there is a mild case of knotting, we can brush them out if your dog lets us. We will always offer advice on the best techniques and tools to use to keep your dog knot free at home.

Q: My dog is in season and is due a groom, can you still do it?

A: Unfortunately not. As we are a busy salon and don't crate the dogs so they can be sociable, there is a potential risk of dogs getting amorous. Plus the scent/pheromones of a dog in season can excite the other dogs in the salon making it much harder and more difficult to groom. Ultimately our priority is to ensure your dog is safe during their visit. If your dog comes in season and you're booked in, let us know so we can rearrange the appointment.

Q: "My dog has been clipped short because it was matted, why is it more expensive?"

A: When we must do clip-offs due to severe knotting/matting, we have to do it before bathing to ensure we can make sure your dog is cleaned thoroughly. Clipping an unclean coat to remove dense matting wears down our clipper blades much faster resulting in sharpening more frequently. 

Q: "My dog requires special shampoos & medication, would you be able to use it?"

A: Definitely! It is important that you continue using the products given to you by your vet for your dogs health. Just bring them down with you.

Q: My dog has fleas what should I do?

A: Firstly, you must get your pet treated with a spot-on/oral medication. Although there are many over the counter medicines available, we would recommend speaking to your vet who will advise the best treatment for your dog. We would definitely advise treating your home, car and anywhere your dog has been to prevent reinfection. 

If your dog comes into the salon for their appointment with fleas, we will charge a disinfection charge as we will have to deep clean the salon.

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