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Our Services


The Full Works

The Complete Pamper Package.

Depending on the breed of your dog, "The Full Works Package" is tailored to each individual dogs requirements.


Starting with a simple Bath, Brush & Blow-dry, your dog will then benefit from a Complete Clip, Cut & Style or even Deep De-shedding treatment for those moulting dogs by our qualified team.

Your dog will look & feel good as new.


Maintenance Grooming

The Essential Services In-between Grooms

A Perfect solution to maintain your dogs beautiful coat.


Starting with a simple bath, brush & blow-dry to keep smelling fresh, you can also opt for a light trim up around the face, feet & hygiene area to ensure your dog looks its best for longer.

Complimentary Nail Trim as Standard!


Puppy Introduction Grooms

From 12 to 20 weeks old

The Puppy Intro is an essential service for your pet so they can get used to grooming as young as possible.

By starting regular sessions from 12 weeks onwards it can become a very pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Especially if they are a breed that will require a lifetime of grooming. For more information, just speak to our Qualified Team.


Specialist Services

Hand-Scissoring & More!

Some breeds require specialist grooming practices such as Hand-Scissoring, Hand-Stripping and even Cording. 

Our qualified team will be able to discuss your requests and requirements on consultation to ensure you get the best

possible service for your dog. 


Additional Services

Putting Your Pet First

Everything from Nail Trims, Teeth Cleaning, Ear-Plucking & Gland Expressions just to name a few, if there is an additional service you or your pet requires, please don't hesitate to ask a member of our qualified team.

Don't forget, we now offer Luxury Spa Treatments! Check them out here!

Creative 1.jpg

Creative Grooming

A Flash of Colour

Using ONLY Vegan, Vegetable based, Non-Toxic Dyes created by Opawz we are now offering a flash of colour for any occasion. 

These dyes were created specifically with your pets welfare in mind.  So you are reassured that your pet is getting the best treatment they deserve. 

(for more information about the products visit Opawz here!)

If creative colouring is something for you, contact Reilly to arrange a consultation.

** All our prices are confirmed after our Grooming Staff have concluded a consultation with the dog and owner present. Any prices quoted over the phone, email, social media are indicative and are subject to change.  
Prices for all services are influenced by breed, size, coat type & condition and temperament. Extra charges will apply for De-matting & Clipping off matted pets, as well as difficult/aggressive behaviour (see T&Cs)

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